Our mission:
to help people build human skills, one conversation at a time

We help you:

Give workers a fun, easy, and effective way to learn
Make learning a habit
Reward progress with personalized analytics

Make a habit out of learning

Your team didn’t learn how to create pipeline or engage customers in school.

They don’t retain what they learn from one-time webinars, videos, and training days. It takes daily practice.

Two-thirds of workers are under the age of 40. Meet them where they are.

We built Ox for this generation. Learning needs to slide easily into daily life, in a format people love.

Keep pace

Work moves fast. The skills that help most are human skills.

Your team needs to learn fast if they’re going to keep up.

There’s a massive opportunity to improve how we learn...and change outcomes.

Give your team the skills to win

We don’t believe the saying, “You’ve either got it or you don’t.” Anyone can learn human skills.

That is if you teach them right. They need to be fast, easy, and effective. That’s where Ox comes in. Set your team up to make learning a habit in a way that’s fun and meaningful to them.

What we believe

Our mission is to help people build human skills, one conversation at a time. What are human skills?

Communication, empathy, influence, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, and more. Some people call these soft skills.

We disagree. These are hard skills that matter to people’s career success, and they are hard to build. People usually develop them over the course of their careers. Through trial and error. The school of hard knocks.

But what if workers had a way to practice these skills through highly-focused, bite-sized, no-risk, everyday conversations? And what if they could get immediate feedback on how they’re doing and what to work on next?

That’s our goal here at Ox — to give workers a pathway to build these skills, now. We’re not talking about a hack. Our system isn’t a shortcut. Workers still need to do the work. But unlike traditional training or on-the-job learning, Ox makes practicing human skills easy, fun, habit-forming, and ultimately effective.

Give workers a fun, easy, and effective way to asdsd

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