our mission

Our mission is to make it easy and enjoyable to acquire soft skills that help people work better.

Soft skills are the most in-demand skill set by employers across all job types. Skills like good communications, collaboration, and problem solving are especially important as work is undergoing tremendous change. As technology grows in importance and automates many tasks, the skills that remain distinctly human are soft skills. Companies will always need workers with soft skills to work better. Soft skills training benefits companies by delighting customers and having a more engaged and satisfied workforce. Companies save time and money in onboarding and training. Employees benefit from improving their results and opening up new types of job opportunities as skills are developed.

We believe that everyone should practice and develop the soft skills needed to be effective at work.

We’re building a path to get there. Let’s get to work.


our team


josh clawson

Josh grew up in a small farming town in the Sacramento Valley of California where he was raised by a family of farmers. He navigated into technology as a self-taught engineer after finishing his pre-medical studies at UC Berkeley. He quickly became immersed in the world of technology which opened his eyes to the challenge he faced and many people face in learning about and accessing the variety of technology jobs, and he’s determined to build solutions to close this gap. Before Ox, Josh was a leader in product, engineering, customer success, and partner integration teams for FinTech/payment technologies at Clover, a Fiserv company, and Revel Systems. Josh’s domain expertise includes fintech, payments, building products for SMB and enterprise, and hiring and managing remote customer success teams.


kristen alexander

Kristen grew up in a small farming and commuter town in Connecticut where even as a teenager she helped her friends get jobs that would be stepping stones to better jobs. She has always looked for opportunities to help people match their skills to growing jobs and has hired and mentored many people in their first technology job. Prior to Ox, Kristen led marketing for enterprise startups Certain and Agari and led consumer marketing and product teams for Disney and Cricket. Kristen’s domain expertise includes marketing strategy, product marketing, demand generation, partnerships and media relations.