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what is quality assurance?

Are you detail obsessed and organized? Then quality assurance could be a good job path for you. Workers in quality assurance, also known as QA, ensure that every part of a company’s product works as expected without mistakes from beginning to end.

Quality assurance teams can be found working with any type of software as well as in healthcare facilities and with physical production processes in manufacturing across many types of industries. What’s cool about quality assurance, particularly in a technology company, is that you learn everything about the software, product or process you’re testing which puts you in a great position to move up and into other jobs because you have product expertise. Quality assurance is a great first job and a good way to get started at a technology company.

what are quality assurance jobs like?

Quality assurance workers identify and test the features of a product or process under a variety of scenarios to make sure the product performs as expected in every situation. If you work in quality assurance at Netflix for example, you might be testing to make sure the process of becoming a new subscriber works as expected or testing to make sure using the mobile app works consistently across many device types.

Some of the tasks quality assurance workers are responsible for include:

  • designing test plans, scenarios, scripts, or procedures.
  • conducting tests to determine how a software or process works and identifying problems with program function, features, outputs or content.
  • documenting defects or unexpected behavior using bug tracking software, and reporting findings to engineering teams.
  • documenting test procedures to ensure replicability and compliance with standards.
  • investigating problems that have been reported by customers or other teams to identify the cause.
  • participating in product design reviews to provide input on functional requirements, product designs, schedules, or potential problems.

day in the life of a quality assurance worker

Quality assurance workers perform a variety of tasks related to testing software, products and processes. A day in the life of a quality assurance worker consists of frequent testing, emailing and face to face discussions with coworkers to validate process and results. Being accurate and detail oriented are common characteristics of quality assurance workers. Critical thinking and communication are the most important soft skills. Workers in quality assurance have shared their most frequent daily tasks and the skills required to be a good match for a job in QA and we’re highlighting them below to paint a picture of what a day in the life might look like working in quality assurance.


common quality assurance job titles

There are many quality assurance job titles used to refer to quality assurance jobs, some entry level and some more technical, requiring more experience.

entry level QA job titles

  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Associate
  • Product Assurance Analyst

mid-level QA job titles

  • Product Assurance Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Practice Manager
  • Software Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Software Quality Engineer
  • Software Test Engineer
  • Test Engineer

QA job titles found in manufacturing and healthcare

  • Quality Assurance Technician
  • Quality Control Analyst
  • Quality Control Technician

average salary for quality assurance workers

Quality assurance is a well paid technology job. The median annual salary for a quality assurance worker is $90,270 which is above average. That salary equates to an hourly wage of $43.40. While entry level jobs near you may start at a lower salary there is income growth potential within quality assurance to get to the median and higher. Want to see how much you could get paid as a QA worker in your location? Enter your zip code and use QA worker as the job title and we’ll send you a free, personalized salary report for QA workers.

companies that are hiring for quality assurance jobs right now

Many different types of companies hire quality assurance workers and there are jobs available from super entry level with no experience to more experienced. Here are a few examples of the types of jobs that are available and the skills that are required to start.

QA Tester at Activision for Toys For Bob

We are currently on the hunt for QA Testers to take part in our Quality Assurance testing process of our next title. The ideal candidate will thrive in a collaborative environment, possess outstanding communication skills, and have a desire to assist with the creation of awesome games.

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

  • Assist in executing the QA project test plan by performing thorough testing on assigned current generation software titles. This can include functionality, balance, stability, performance, interface, art, sound, text, documentation, and other types of testing.
  • Identify and document defects in a clear and concise manner using the designated bug tracking database.
  • Using automated testing tools to streamline the testing process.
  • Work with the Production/Development team in tracking down bugs and finding steps to reproduce.
  • Complete regression/verification testing daily.
  • Follow instructions and accomplish tasks as directed by QA Leads and the QA Manager.

The skills and experience you’ll need:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Availability to work forty or more hours per week including weekends
  • Must possess excellent spoken and written communication skills
  • Proactive, driven individual with a strong work ethic
  • Aptitude to learn quickly and effectively
  • Sharp attention to detail
  • Ability to remain focused in a team-oriented environment
  • Able to multitask and take on multiple assignments at the same time
  • Experience and familiarity with multiple gaming platforms and genres

Quality Assurance Specialist at CVS Health

Responsible for initiating the admissions process for patient referrals by collecting demographic and insurance information on patients as well as acting as the primary contact for new and existing accounts.

As a Quality Assurance Specialist you will...

  • Responded to telephone, fax, and orders from referral sources and patients.
  • Document referral request for coordination of care.
  • Provide information on home infusion services.
  • Resolve patient/customer complaints by identifying problems and coordinating appropriate corrective action.
  • Comply with and adhering to all regulatory compliance areas, policies and procedures and "best practices".
  • Investigate type and level of insurance coverage to assess patient eligibility for the program.
  • Communicate with medical professionals and insurance company personnel to expedite patient eligible into program.
  • Resolve reimbursement issues with accounts, sales force and management.
  • Investigate data entry issues to ensure accurate reporting and billing.

Required qualifications:

  • Minimum two years of related experience.
  • Strong service orientation and customer service attitude.
  • Effective verbal and written communications skills.
  • Excellent detail orientation and time management skills.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft business software.

how Ox can help you land a quality assurance job

We like quality assurance because QA jobs are available in many industries across the U.S. including technology, manufacturing and healthcare. Also QA is a great place to start your career and there are many ways to progress in your career from an entry level QA job. You could get promoted within QA and you could also use QA as a stepping stone to another role in IT, product development, or customer success. Ox guides have experience working in and with QA teams and can help you identify jobs in this area that are a good fit. Get started today by joining Ox and get matched with an Ox guide who will help you get to work in QA.

learning more about QA jobs

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