Job Hunter's Field Guide to Marketing

What is marketing

Marketing is one of the fastest growing job categories and offers many benefits to workers. One advantage to getting started on a marketing job path is that there are many different types of marketing jobs based on your job skills. Some jobs are more creative and involve storytelling through graphic design for example, some jobs are more analytical and involve collecting data and measuring marketing performance, through Google Analytics for example, and some jobs offer a combination of both creative and analytical skills. From an entry level marketing job, such as a marketing coordinator or a social media coordinator, you can build a career over many years with increasing responsibility and income growth. You can work alone or manage a team. There are many career possibilities in marketing and marketing is a job category that is valued in many different industries. It’s not hard to get started in marketing - many entry level jobs offer opportunities to develop marketing skills, such as working in hospitality and retail, and the skills developed in these jobs can be used to get into more specific marketing jobs.

What do marketers do

What do marketers do? Marketers seek to make change, by telling a story that inspires people to believe they need a product or service. Everyone is a marketer in one way or another. The simple act of convincing someone you need something, like convincing your friend to run an errand for you, is marketing. Everything we do on social media is marketing. At work, marketers take a variety of marketing actions, from advertising to email marketing to influencing on social media to reach the buyers who need and believe in your product or service. The first step is to get buyers to have awareness of your brand and the second step is to inspire them to purchase what you sell.

Marketing job skills

There are many different types of jobs in marketing and the job skills for each job may be different. There are some job skills that are common across many of the types of marketing jobs and those are the skills we’re going to cover here. The marketing job skills that are most universal include:


  • marketing at its core is inspiring people to make a change, to begin to use the product or service you offer because they believe they want or need it. Marketers communicate with customers in many ways, through writing in emails for example, through visual design in social media for example, and through talking in video for example. Within larger companies, marketers are often the voice of the company in internal communications like company-wide email newsletters. Being able to communicate well is an important marketing skill.


  • if writing or talking in front of people isn’t your thing, another path in marketing is through visual design. Communicating a story visually has become absolutely necessary for companies that want to attract customers. This is true for small businesses and large companies alike. Visual design skills that are in demand include graphic design for emails, websites and social media, user interface (UI) design for mobile apps and websites, user experience (UX) design which involves how to design the navigation of a digital product like a mobile app so that it is easy to use, photography for digital assets like social media and video skills such as shooting and editing video.


  • many marketing jobs require the ability to research information, interpret and synthesize information and make recommendations based on that information. Information that is required in marketing varies. Some marketers, like growth marketers, may analyze data that shows how all visitors get to a website, using technology tools like Google Analytics for example. Some marketers, like a marketer for Peet’s coffee for example, may be tasked with learning everything about who Peet’s customers are. By know everything about customers, like how old they are, what they like, where they shop and what kinds of things they do, Peet’s can find more people like that to attract as customers in the future.

Working on a team

  • there are many ways to specialize in marketing, for example being a designer or managing an email marketing system or being a data analyst. Almost every marketing job requires working with other people in some way. If you are a designer for example, you may have to work with a writer to help you create text to accompany your visual designs. In almost all marketing jobs you’ll have to work with a manager to showcase your ideas and influence them to believe your ideas should be shared with customers.

Get your first marketing job as a marketing coordinator

A marketing coordinator works on a variety of different projects and manage different types of tasks from writing emails to posting on social media to organizing events. A marketing coordinator catches all of the miscellaneous tasks that need to be completed. Its a good place to start in marketing because you get to try many different things and learn which areas in marketing you like best. One of the job skills you need most as a Marketing Coordinator is flexibility and the ability to adapt to different types of tasks every day. On average, Marketing Coordinators make $43,000 a year and can use this job as a stepping stone to other jobs in marketing that pay more. Here’s a marketing coordinator job that can be done remotely. If you ask Ox, we can work with you to connect you to the hiring team for this job. Send us a message with the job you are interested in here.

Marketing Coordinator at Kotis Design (remote from UT or WA)

Get started in marketing as an event planner

Getting a job as an event planner is a great way to get started in marketing. All types of companies host events, from small businesses to large enterprises. If you think about it, probably every company you love hosts some kind of event, for their employees or for their customers. Event planning requires good organization skills and the ability to work with others to manage an event, for example to find venues, to decide logistics like food, transportation and hotels, to decide the design of an event and to coordinate with speakers and guests. Events are supported by technology you can manage like Eventbrite for guest registrations. Events are also supported by marketing campaigns, like emails you can write and send to attract guests. Here’s is an event planner job that can be done remotely. If you ask Ox, we can work with you to connect you to the hiring team for this job. Send us a message with the job you are interested in here.

Field Marketing Associate at Elastic (remote)


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