How to Find Good Jobs Near You

Finding a good job should be easy for everyone, but the reality is, finding a good job can be a frustrating experience. How many times have you applied for a job online and then the company doesn’t get back to you? Is it because something is wrong with your resume or the company has already filled that position? It’s impossible to figure out and going through that again and again sucks. This process also takes a ton of time - time searching for jobs that might be a good fit, time trying to figure out what job titles mean and if those jobs with consuming titles are the kind of job you might want next, time writing a cover letter and resume, time applying online and filling out all of your contact information and job experience again and again. Finding a job that’s a good fit for you is harder than it should be and it’s time for a better way.

This is why we’ve been inspired to build Ox, to create a better way to discover a few job paths where your skills are valued and to help you take meaningful steps towards getting a job that’s a good fit.

Start your job search by listing companies you like

Start your job search by making a list of companies near you where you would like to work. To make the list, think about the companies you know of near you. Which you do like and why? Note the company name and why you are interested in them. These could be very straightforward reasons, anything from you’ve heard they offer great healthcare benefits, which you need for your family, to the company being a short commute from you to the company making products or selling services you use and like. Add any companies to the list you like for these or other reasons.


Consider small and large businesses and remote work

Consider including a mix of small and large businesses in your list. Sometimes people prefer smaller or larger companies and each has distinct benefits that might be valuable to you. Finally, consider companies that hire remote workers. You may have friends or family members that work for a company remotely and that might be a good option for you too.

Find companies that are hiring near you

Do some basic research to find companies that are hiring near you. There are a few ways to do this. Let’s say live near Sacramento, California and you are looking for jobs in that area. A few Google searches that would be useful in looking for jobs in Sacramento are “largest employers in Sacramento” and “best employers in Sacramento”. Sometimes these searches will return articles from local publications that have the inside track on cool places to work, like this article from the Sacramento Bee. Forbes publishes a ranking of the best large employers and the best midsize employers and you can type your city, like Sacramento, into the search bar to narrow the results to your area.

Consider apprenticeship opportunities

Another option to consider when looking for a job is finding an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships enable you to learn skills on the job while being paid and preparing you to take on that kind of job full time. This is a good option for many people, especially when you need an income immediately. Apprenticeships are also a good way to start in a skilled trade such as construction. Skilled trades pay well and there is a shortage of skilled trade workers in the U.S. making this a job path that has many available jobs. is a resource you can use to find industries and companies that offer apprenticeships and other on-the-job training programs.

Prioritize the companies on your list

Rank the companies on your list from most to least interesting to you. You may apply to jobs at all the companies on your list. By ranking them, you can look at the reasons that put companies at the top of your list. Over the coming weeks, spend the majority of your time getting connected to the companies that are most interesting to you. We’ll share some tips on how to do that.

If you find that the companies you are most interested in don’t have a job posting today with the exact role you are looking for, don’t let that stop you from putting those companies on your list and getting connected to people at those companies. It’s very possible you could meet someone who knows of a job that will be posted soon and by getting to know that person now, they may reach out to you once the job becomes available.

Meet employees to get introductions & referrals to jobs

When you ask people how they found the job they have today, many times they say they learned about the job through someone they already knew or someone they just met. People you know or that your friends and family know, could be the fastest way into a job that’s a good fit. When you ask people around you for an introduction or referral to a job, you are more likely to have your application considered for a job at that company.

Review your list of companies. Do you know anyone at those companies or anyone who knows someone who works or previously worked at those companies? A neighbor, a friend, someone you used to work with? Look for contacts everywhere you can think of - through people you went to school with, through any of your social groups or activities and through people you are connected to on Facebook and Instagram. Add to your list all of the people you know that are connected to the companies on your list in some way. Then reach out to each person letting them know you are looking for a specific type of job. Ask them if they will talk with you or meet with you or introduce you to someone who can help you get your application to the recruiter or hiring manager.

Ox guides help you find good jobs near you

If you don’t know anyone who is connected to the companies on your list, that’s ok too. Apply on their website and keep working through the people you know to find an introduction. You can also reach out and connect with an Ox Guide to help provide more personalized guidance to get connected to the companies you are interested in. To get an Ox Guide, start a chat from our homepage at We’ll ask you to share a little bit about yourself, like the type of job you have now and the type of job you’re looking for in the future, so that we can connect you with an Ox Guide that will be a good match.


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