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using a single job skill to build a career in digital marketing

Meet Danielle! Danielle started out as a photographer and used that skill and passion area to build a big career in digital marketing. Now, as part of her daily job, Danielle helps technology companies get found online, through ranking high for keyword searches on Google and also through different types of online advertising. Some of the technical skills she has are designing and running paid search campaigns, paid social advertising campaigns, and optimizing websites and content for search engines like Google, commonly referred to as SEO. Lets see how Danielle went from pics to ads.

what is digital marketing?

Ox: What types of digital marketing programs do you run?

Danielle: There are three types of digital marketing programs I work on. The first is paid advertising, so basically creating and placing any of the ads you would see on Google and also the social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The second is paid search, so we place ads on the page when you search for something related. The third is organic marketing where we help companies rank high in search results.

what is organic marketing exactly?

Ox: When you say organic marketing, you’re not talking about food, right?

Danielle: Ha! With organic marketing, we try to pick keywords we want a website to use a lot that are the same keywords that potential buyers are likely to type into a Google search. If these things match really well, a company’s website will rank high for that keyword search. As a company, your goal is to have keywords and content built on your site (like blog posts and videos) to help you come up as high as possible in those search results. We also help companies create linking strategies so that high ranking websites link to a company’s content. There are more technical elements of organic marketing too, like defining the background data on every website page that sends a ranking signal to Google.

getting started in digital marketing

Ox: How did you get started down this marketing path?

Danielle: So marketing was not my goal. My first goal was to become a forensic psychologist. And then I started doing psychology and law classes in college and I figured out this was not going to be a good path for me. But at this time, I also discovered that I was a good photographer. I worked with the student paper and I started skipping class to go take pictures and go on photo shoots. After school, I got a job working at a local sporting goods store to do photography for them. And that was the first taste I had of what marketing is and how web development works. What I did for the store was to take a photo, the sunglasses or shoes or whatever, and then I would put it onto their website and enter the proper data for it, like the title tag and descriptions. I learned that these were key ranking signals for SEO and that’s how I got my start learning about digital marketing.

how to take one great job skill and turn it into a complete job skillset

Ox: What is some great job advice you’d start with someone starting out with just a few skills?

Danielle: I'm a big proponent of, yes. The worst thing someone can say is no, so you might as well ask for help and you might as well try. So I feel like my journey has been about trying new things and acquiring skills as I go. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, I just move onto the next thing. Earlier on in my career I went to work for a marketing agency and I needed to learn Excel. In the interview I was like, “yeah, Excel, I can totally do that.” I ended up asking one of the interns at the time to help me and show me how to use it. And then I had to Google a lot of things. But you know, you can always learn what you're missing so don't ever let that get in your way.

the marketing skills you need in 2019

Ox: So if you were to direct somebody to three skills to pick up in 2019 in marketing technology, what would they be?

Danielle: For my area in business to business marketing or B2B, first I’d say learn what marketing automation systems are. That's a big one. Second, learn all about Salesforce. Third is to understand paid social advertising. Paid social is a growing field and there aren’t a lot of people that get it. We are constantly looking for qualified people in B2B paid social. If you're looking to break into marketing, this would be a wonderful place to start. A lot of people know how to do organic social, that's just your organic social posting. In addition to that, talking about your company on your company page, creating an ad targeting audience, creating great ads and placing them on social media are skills that are invaluable right now.

get started in marketing at any kind of company

Ox: How have you liked working for technology companies?

Danielle: I love working in tech. I think it's really exciting. This is a great time to be in this career because it's always changing. And if you are someone like me who just really enjoys that fast paced environment, it's for you. I love working with people and helping strategize and execute big ideas. Even if you get into this career and you don't want to work for a technology company, that’s ok because there are so many different ways to apply these marketing skills. There are small contractors and all sorts of different companies that are using digital marketing in exciting ways.

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