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what is social media marketing?

Are you sharing your 223s on TikTok and killing your follower count on Instagram? You’re likely building skills that can get you a high paying job in social media marketing. Workers in social media marketing help their company connect and engage with their customers through social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social app where their audience may live.

what are social media jobs like?

Social media marketing is a creative, organized and fast paced job. The goal is to engage your audience every day with content they care about. You want to make them feel something - curious, inspired, joyful or driven. Think about the iconic ads this year - like Nike’s Dream Crazier ad or the ode to the VW Beetle. Getting your audience to feel something about your brand is what you’re going for. This makes social media marketing a super creative job and that’s why it’s a great bet for the future - artificial intelligence won’t be replacing creativity any time soon!

Using creativity, social media marketers communicate with their audience in these ways:

  • through visual media like images and video
  • through all kinds of writing, especially short and meme-style captions
  • through audio, creating and attaching music to video

Social media marketers have the latest trends locked up - they know what’s hot, what’s funny, what gif to use and everything that’s happening in the media so the content they’re developing is relevant. Think of being a social media marketer kind of like being a music or video producer - you’re pulling together all kinds of references and media to create a story through social media. Sifting through ideas to publish what will make an impact with your audience.

Being effective at social media marketing requires killer organization skills. First, you have to be able to schedule social media posts a few days out and those posts have to be purposeful and tie into your company’s brand and messaging strategy. Second, you have to be building an audience, which means not only are you posting relevant content but you’re also responding to comments, following influencers and customers and getting them to follow you back. Every single day. Audience building and creating content and both priorities that require juggling to get it all done.


day in the life of a social media marketer

Social media marketers learn trends, use trends and company messaging to create content and keep a highly organized schedule to build and engage their audience. Some of the daily tasks social media marketers take on include:

  • Creating ideas for social media content that will engage and win more followers
  • Designing, writing and publishing stories and posts including images and videos
  • Organizing and scheduling posts
  • Building an audience through reviewing social media profiles, following and unfollowing accounts, liking, sharing and commenting on other accounts, and building relationships with influencers
  • Using many types of software tools and apps to create and post content
  • Analyzing competitors on social media and offering an opinion on what they do well and don’t do well
  • Identify and building relationships with relevant social influencers (think Kayla Itsines)
  • Assist with collecting data and reporting on how posts and channels are performing

social media marketing soft skills

The soft skills, sometimes called people skills, that social media marketers use on a daily basis include:

  • listening - hearing and then employing empathy to understand
  • communication - verbal and written communication
  • collaboration - working well with creatives, marketers and other brands to create the most engagement
  • prioritization - understanding which tasks produce the best results and focusing on those

characteristics of a killer social media marketer

Characteristics that social media marketers often have include things like...

  • taking initiative
  • flexibility
  • cooperation
  • ability to handle change well
  • organized
  • dependable
  • detail oriented
  • personable
  • fun
  • enjoys a fast paced environment
  • can handle stress calmly and effectively

common social media marketing job titles

There are many social media marketing job titles used to refer to social media marketing jobs, some entry level and some requiring more technical experience.

entry level social media marketing job titles:

  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Social Media & Communications Specialist

mid-level social media marketing job titles:

  • social media strategist
  • social media marketing Manager
  • manager, social & community marketing
  • social media & communications manager

social media marketing jobs that require additional technical skills:

  • Social Media & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Manager
  • Paid Social Analyst

how much social media marketers get paid

The average annual salary for a social media coordinator is $45,000 while the average for all social media marketing jobs is at all levels (coordinator, manager, etc) is $50,000 per year. As this role levels up, salary potential is high with social media and communications directors making over $100,000 per year. Also, the skills and experience you gain working in social media marketing provides the opportunity to move into marketing jobs with more responsibilities and higher salaries.

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companies that hire for social media marketing jobs

The cool thing about social media marketing is every company is doing it, whether it’s a small business or large company, either selling to consumers or selling to businesses. Here are a few real examples of jobs that are posted and the skills that are required to start.

how Ox can help you learn if a social media marketing job is for you

We like social media marketing as a way to get into technology companies and a way to build your career because its growing, is needed in many industries and companies, is an option for small and large businesses and sometimes offers remote work options. Also once you have social media skills, you can use them to gain entrance into other types of marketing jobs. Sign up and Ox can help you identify the skills you need to be successful in social media marketing and practice the people skills like collaboration that will give you an edge in getting that job. Get started today by joining Ox and getting on the path to a job in social media marketing.

learning more about social media marketing jobs

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