how to fix your job search

change up your job search strategy to get the job you want

Let’s face it. Starting a job search sucks and everyone is doing it wrong. Not doing it wrong on purpose, but doing things that aren’t actually effective, like applying to hundreds of jobs online at once. There’s a ton of bad advice out there about how to run an effective job search so we put together the Job Search Crash Course to help you figure out how to fix your job search and get into a job that is growing and will pay well for your job skills.

job searching under the gun

So what are some of the things that go wrong with a job search? To start, job searches are stressful no matter what and are even more stressful with a deadline. You don’t have a lot of time to not be bringing in a paycheck so you’re in a rush and that causes stress. Decision making is flawed under stress, meaning many people do the easiest thing but not necessarily the most effective thing. Decisions you are likely to make under stress that seem quick and easy at the time but aren’t super effective are only looking for the same job you have or applying for many jobs at a time without personalizing your outreach.

limiting your job search to the job you just had

You could be searching for the job you just had instead of looking for all of the jobs you could get with your skills. This limits how much money you can make now and in the future.

Let’s say you’ve been a retail associate at Macy’s and the store you work for is closing down. The easy path would be to look for a retail associate job at a different store. You have had this exact job so you have the exact experience any other retail store would be looking for. But as a retail associate you’ve also built up skills in communication, customer service, and problem solving. And you love fashion. With these job skills, you should also be looking for jobs like community associate, customer support and social media marketing in technology enabled fashion companies, like StitchFix, Walmart and Amazon.

base your job search around your job skills

Jobs are changing fast. Old jobs are going away and new jobs are emerging every day. The skills you’ve developed in an old job type, especially soft skills or people skills, could be needed in a new job type. New jobs, especially jobs in tech companies, will pay higher salaries than the old job types.

One of the best things you can do in your job search is take a little time to identify every single job skill you have. Your skills should include hard skills like project management and soft skills or people skills like communication. List those out and then research new job types that require those skills. Some job types to consider include Customer Success, Quality Assurance which is an entry-level IT job and Marketing. Some job types to consider include Customer Success, Quality Assurance, which is a good way to get started in IT and Marketing. One of our users went from being a Barista at Starbucks to being an IT analyst at a major healthcare company and he almost tripled his salary! Learn more about his story here.

So how do you know all of the job skills you have that pay? There’s a whole chapter dedicated to this in the Job Search Crash Course, the Ox audio course with 10 minute audio chapters with examples you can follow on how to fix your job search strategy and which skills employers are looking for.

One of the tips we talk about is to list out all of the problems you’ve ever solved at work. While doing that, write down all of the skills you used to problem solve, like collecting and analyzing data, communicating, negotiating or resolving a conflict. Include anything you’ve done, any software or tools you’ve used and any people skills you used. That's a good start in learning how to pick out all of the skills you have that can be used in different types of jobs.

in your job search, find all the jobs that will pay for your skills

There are so many new types of jobs that will pay for your job skills. If you have great people skills from any type of service job like working retail or hospitality, some of the jobs that will pay for those skills include customer support, IT support, healthcare and sales. One huge trend is being able to work for technology companies remotely in one of these types of jobs. Remote work for a technology company is a great option if you have great communication skills.

fix your job search by doing more than just applying online

We’ve all been there - the easiest thing to do is upload your resume to a job board, apply online and sit back and hope the companies you applied to get back to you. But for a lot of jobs, you won’t hear back. Not because you’re not qualified but because of how the system works. It’s really a machine, and to get through to a recruiter you need more info on how the machine works. It could be that you haven’t optimized your resume for the skills they are looking for or it could be that your resume went into a pile they can’t get to because they already have enough candidates for that job. Or maybe there’s no good reason at all. Sometimes you hear back from companies with jobs that aren’t really a good fit at all.

Don’t get stuck in this situation. Take the time now, a few minutes a day, to fix your job search strategy and stack the cards in your favor for getting into a job that is growing in the future and will pay you more than you’re getting today. Wanna know how to do it? Get the Ox mobile app and sign up for the Job Search Crash Course. Our audio course will walk you through how to fix your job search strategy in 10 minutes or less a day.


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