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upskill and connect to tech companies with Ox

We’re building Ox to make it easy for you to get the skills you need to get started in a tech job. The skills you need for so many jobs have changed and now the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated that shift overnight. There couldn’t be a better time to prepare for how jobs are changing by acquiring the skills you need to get started in technology. Nearly every kind of job in the future will require technology skills in some way. By expanding the skills you have quickly, you can position yourself for new kinds of jobs that emerge.

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how to fix your job search

Starting a job search sucks and everyone is doing it wrong. Not doing it wrong on purpose, but doing things that aren’t actually effective, like applying to hundreds of jobs online at once. There’s a ton of bad advice out there so we put together the Job Search Crash Course to help you figure out how to fix your job search and get into a job that is growing and pays well for your job skills.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our Ox family to yours!

In our first year building Ox we drank a lot of coffee, haven’t slept much, and have had the time of our lives helping people navigate the job market and gain valuable job skills. We’ve endlessly studied job trends and skills trends, met with leaders in workforce development, education, and industrial relations, put on workshops at community colleges, and spoke at summits for career counselors all while video-chatting with job searchers and career growers across the country.

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5 tips to land a customer support job

Kenji is the Head of Customer Support at Front and he shares how to get started in Support and some of the skills he looks for when he’s hiring for his team. Kenji has navigated the in's and out's of Customer Support and the teams he’s built from the ground up have won awards for their out-of-this-world level of care.

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5 job skills you need for the future of work & how to get them

There’s no question that work is changing. Workers in every industry including retail, healthcare and manufacturing will experience the need for new job skills to be productive as automation becomes a more integrated part of work. We sat down to talk about some of these shifts and here are a few of the must have job skills that are popping up across industries as the future of work changes.

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How to tell your story

Customer success has emerged over the past few years to become one of the fastest growing jobs in many types of industries including technology, manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality. The role of customer success is to ensure a company builds and nurtures great relationships with its customers.

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Asking for Help Getting a Job

Something you start right away to make progress towards getting the job you want is practicing asking for help in your everyday conversations. If you ask someone for help in person, they are 34 times more likely to help you than if you ask them through email or some other way.

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