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Building the skills that improve results is a big challenge. Nail everyday interactions like working with customers, pitching to sales prospects, and working as a team with practice and instant, personalized feedback.

Get Ox and help your team skill forward.

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How Ox works:

Teams use Ox to learn, practice and get certified in skills.

Train 10 minutes a day or less.

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Get feedback on word choice, sentiment, pitch, pace and volume.




Earn credentials through readiness assessments.

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Interactive mobile app delivers delightful experience on the go.


Learn through audio and practice through voice.

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Upskill your team.

Ox assesses and trains skills that drive results.

We assess each worker’s readiness and track progress as your team practices short, situational role plays like delivering a customer update.

Train your team on these skills.


Communication is the key to building relationships and driving outcomes at work. In this credential, learn communication skills like how to convey your thoughts, listen with empathy, influence others, manage a meeting, and tell a story.

Problem solving

Problem solving is the process of discovering, understanding, and breaking down problems so they can be solved efficiently and effectively. In this credential, learn how to define the problem, ask good questions, brainstorm creatively, think critically, offer solutions, and course correct.


Professionalism is how you show up at work and demonstrate characteristics that represent your and your company. In this credential, learn markers of professionalism like how to use business etiquette, be organized, use digital tools appropriately, act with integrity, and demonstrate work ethic.


Resilience is the ability to accept, manage, and adapt to challenges as they arise. In this credential, learn skills that demonstrate resilience like how to adapt to change, handle criticism, be coachable, have a hard conversation, and resolve conflict.


Leadership is how you work with others to motivate and inspire action to advance the goals of your team and your company. In this credential, learn skills like how to take ownership, be accountable, show confidence, work as a team, and elevate others.

Scale your culture.

Personally coaching each team member is valuable but time consuming. We take care of training the key soft skills that make your culture strong, like honest communication and timely follow up. That way, you can scale your culture while making the most of valuable one-on-one time.

Be a great coach with Ox.

Training when you need it most.

We help with ongoing training and during these critical moments.

  • Mass employee onboarding
  • Sales training and enablement
  • Inheriting a new team
  • Becoming a new manager
  • Or whenever you’re short on ramp time

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