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Give your team
a better way to learn.

On their terms.

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Pull up with Ox

Coach smart

Let Ox tackle conversation and soft skills coaching. Spend time where you really need to focus.

Train for results

Delight customers and drive metrics with skills like empathy & collaboration.

Remove bias

Offload awkward feedback and ensure consistent coaching that's free from bias.

Improve culture

Make communication, teamwork, and problem-solving effortless.

Turn it up

Give 'em audio tracks they love so they can practice before customer calls, important meetings, and 1:1s with you.

Get instant value

Launch with 25+ expert-built skills. Make learning stick with practice conversations and personalized, AI-based analytics.

For sales teams

Perfect your pitch

Fix filler words. Correct tone. Convey the right emotion.

Discover like a pro

Ask good questions. Adjust pace and volume. Hear how you come across.

Handle objections

Learn the art of gentle push-back with just the right message and tone.

Boost metrics

Shorten sales cycles and earn trust through collaborative conversations.

“Our team loves having personalized analytics - it’s a game changer.”
- leading financial services institution

For customer teams

Show empathy

Learn to listen effectively. Come across the way you want.

Stay on message

Practice ahead. Hone what you say and keep tone and emotions in check.

Solve problems with ease

Tackle problems with confidence. Be collaborative. Convey sincerity.

Boost metrics

Blow out resolution time, CSAT, NPS, +more through effective conversations.



learner engagement


confidence improvement


sincerity improvement


collaboration improvement
- leading financial institution

Your learning workbench

Onboarding employees?
Improving satisfaction?
Building culture?

We can help.

25+ in-demand skill sets
custom, branded skills with AI
brand messaging libraries
achievement badges
& collaboration
team analytics
& insights

designated success manager

security & data encryption

Build inclusivity

Is your team communicating inclusively in every conversation?

How you communicate with each other, your customers, and your community is as important as ever.

Train your team to eliminate bias and be more inclusive in every interaction.


Turn up your onboarding

Nothing kills motivation like a giant folder of onboarding files.

We use your stack of decks, PDFs, and videos to produce effective and engaging practice conversations and audio tracks through Ox Studio.

Your team will thank you.


How Ox conversation AI works