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About Ox
Our mission is to create the learning platform that empowers everyone to build foundational career skills and have fun doing it.

We’re creating bleeding-edge audio analysis technology and business-communication specific AI that's packaged into a readily-accessible voice-powered experience that empowers users to practice how they would communicate in real situations that happen on the job through practical on-the-job lessons.

Our next phase of building is full of creative and innovative features that our learners have been craving. We're looking to grow our team with people who want to build meaningful features with the most up-to-date tech, while having the freedom of space and thought to do what you do best.

Our Values


what this means:
- the impact we create is meaningful
- we strive to build things and create understanding for many people from diverse backgrounds and experiences

Embrace problems, build fast, and learn faster

what this means:
- we encourage finding problems
- we solve problems with a sense of urgency
- we turn ambiguity into clarity
- we value speed and precision in describing problems
- listen first, avoid saying “that’s not a problem” everyone is a problem solver

Make things that are easy to understand and fun to use

what this means:
- we create learning that anyone from any background or experience can understand
- we embrace uniqueness
- we aspire to be fun to use

We prioritize understanding

what this means:
- we admit what we don’t know
- we admit when we’re wrong
- we listen to understand
- we take time to teach
- we embrace everyone’s unique perspective
- We make things that are easy to understand and fun to use

We're thoughtful

what this means:
- We embrace uniqueness
- We seek diversity in data
- We embrace diverse perspectives
- We recognize that everyone’s voice is equally powerful
- We exercise great care in building our products knowing that they will be used by people from many different backgrounds, perspectives, and levels of experience
- We build our models and curriculum to teach the foundational elements of business communication

About You
You are looking to make a big impact and be a part of the founding team building cutting edge technology with a mission-driven and passionate team that leads with product. Being a founding engineer is not for the faint of heart. You must be a master of your craft, a precise communicator, obsess over solving hard problems with code, thrive with autonomy, have a strong sense of ownership, and care deeply about the experience humans have with the tech you build.

Starting day 1 at Ox, your code will help thousands of folks learn and practice important workplace communication in a world where there is very little access to learn this life-changing skill. 

Are you up for the challenge?

Roles currently open:
If you're interested, tap the button below then choose which role to talk directly to us to learn more! No need for a resume, we'll be respectful of your time and just get straight to the conversation.