Talk nerdy to me.

A little on our science-based approach to learning.

We’re building a platform for 21st century learning using audio and AI that fits into people's pockets and their lives.

Audio is the most human, convenient, and powerful medium for learning. We're pioneering a new way to make it engaging, entertaining, and on par with the professional media people consume every day.

85% of passive learning is forgotten in 24 hours...

Interactive learning by practicing real-world scenarios makes it stick.

We’ve done a bunch of R&D on the science of the human voice.

Everyone's voice is different, but equally powerful. We have found the nuances of the human voice as it relates to business can make or break a deal, a customer relationship, or change how someone feels in a workplace environment.

We appreciate the nuances of everyone's voice and want everyone to have the same quality of coaching that executives get.

For this reason we've been studying the science of the human voice and the elements that make each one unique and how to coach without bias to achieve productive business outcomes in the modern workplace.


The way we teach matters.

It's hard to keep someone's attention nowadays and we know what doesn’t work - gluing people to a chair to watch a dry, lifeless, stale video. Last mile job training that actually helps employees learn and practice how to be effective at work hasn’t seen enough innovation.

People have high standards for media quality. From our interviews with users we found that when the content is well produced and on par with other media they consume in their daily lives, they are more likely to enjoy it, similar to how they enjoy and memorize their favorite song or quotes from a movie.  We also found people like to learn, but they don’t want to be glued to a chair. They want to put in headphones and learn on-the-go.

When it comes to learning, people want to remember everything but it’s hard. The way we teach can make it much more achievable. We’re developing teaching strategies using the science of human cognition and psychological principles to make learning and remembering a lot easier.


Fundamentals and relatability are important.

From our customer interviews we found many tech-enabled jobs require skills like communication, problem solving, and collaboration. We call these the fundamentals.  We’re starting there.

These are things like how to efficiently work with your team and your boss using digital communication tools like messaging and video chat, how to research a problem and drive a solution based on evidence and data, and how to exhibit empathy while talking to a customer.

Just like in team sports, you’d be surprised how much easier managing a team is when everyone is on the same page with the fundamentals. We’re building the toolkit to get you there.