don't settle for just any job.

we've been there. there could be many reasons you need a new job, but which job you choose matters and is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly.

getting just any job sucks. Use OX to get a job that sets you up for growth instead.

  • let OX do the legwork of job searching and finding job paths for you.

  • shop for the job path where you will get the most bang for your buck for your skillset.

  • only spend time on jobs that are a good fit for you so you get a good job faster.


talk candidly with someone who knows their stuff.

Multiple part time jobs? Student loans? Kids at home?

We get it. Our guides are people like you that have worked through the hard times and now they're excited to help you on your journey to a great job.

no judgements,
no consequences,
just growth.

  • share what you've liked and didn't like about your past jobs so we can pair you with a job you'll like better.

  • figure out what hidden skills you have that could get you paid more.

  • get help translating your job experience to a complete story that represents you and what you're capable of.


Time is money,
and finding a job is
a job in itself.

We know you don’t have that much time so we quickly get to know you, your motivations, skills, and interests. then we use what we know to do the legwork of job searching for you.

  • We shortcut your efforts by removing searching and applying through the black hole of job boards looking for a job that’s a good fit for you.

  • If there’s a “needle in a haystack” job for you we’ll find it. Don’t apply to a bunch of jobs and wait. That’s a waste of time. Focus your efforts where you get the most back by honing your skills and putting your time into the right job.


get unstuck

Roberto was working as a barista, but really wanted to get into technology.

turns out the customer service skills you learn in hospitality jobs can be highly valued in IT.

Hear how Roberto became an IT Application Analyst and how OX helped him get there.


you're more than a piece of paper.

Today, you need a resume. We can help with that.

What matters more is what’s under your hood... what makes you unique, your skills, your accomplishments, and what you’re capable of.

We’ll uncover those things and tell your story in a way that gets companies to listen.


join the community.

Our community cares.

We’re all committed to sharing the steps we took on our own paths to a great job knowing it will help someone else in their journey.

We work together, learn together, and all succeed together.

We hope you’ll join us.